You simply cannot miss it: the old abbey site is a welcoming, peaceful and quiet place, that is connected with its past. The historical buildings have been restored, entrepreneurial partners are creating a place for everyone and the surrounding nature reserve keeps on charming every season. With so many things to enjoy at the Herkenrode abbey site for both childeren and adults, everyone can relax and choose whatever fits their mood. 

Who used to live here?

This abbey is more than 800 years old. It was the first Cistercian abbey of the low countries and turned into an important pilgrimage place. The abbey experienced alternate periods of violent decline and phenomenal prosperity. But who were the ladies controlling the abbey? And what happened to the site after the tragic French Revolution,

when abbeys and monastic orders got abolished? 

Visit the experience centre in group, with the children or on your own.  A stunning course, experienced guides and a fast route through all the highlights will make sure every visit is a truly unique experience.

Between aromatic scents

The herb and inspiration garden measures 2 hectares and contains more than 500 different types of plants. From April to October, you can find inspiration about herbs or garden landscaping while taking a walk with one of our guides. Or maybe you prefer to enjoy the colours and scents on your own? There's always somethig new for you to discover.

The magical environment of the Herkenrode abbey is really brought to life during the numerous cultural and creative events each year. 

Delicious abbey products

An abbey would not exist without its tasty abbey products. The Herkenrode abbey beers have won several international prizes, but there is also a bio beer based on grains that were grown on the domain itself. Besides that, there is also apple juice, made of apples from the orchards. You can try these drinks on the terrace of

"De Paardenstallen" or buy them as a gift together with some other abbey- or regional products. All these products can be purchased in the shop next to the visitors reception.