Landscape Herkenrode

Located in a special scenic area

The Abbey Site of Herkenrode is located in a special rearranged scenic area, where the historic land use and the presence of water are put first and foremost. The farming land has been turned into ecologically precious areas : wet and dry meadows, marsh areas, orchards, wood edges, coppice grooves and pools and ponds determine the scenery now.

The Wijers

The Wijers is a unique area with over 1.000 ponds in the heart of the province of Limburg and the habitat for very rare fauna and flora, such as the bittern, the tree frog and the little bittern. The Abbey site of Herkenrode is one of the access gates to this area.

Discover the Limburg cycle route network starting from the Abbey Site of Herkenrode

The Abbey Site of Herkenrode is located between nodes 94 and 237 of the Limburg cycling route network.

The Visitors’ Center is an ideal location to start your cycling tour.