Relax and be inspired

The Herb and Inspiration Garden, two hectares big, is a contemporary herb garden with a particular architecture.

You will find over 500 different herbs and herbaceous plants surrounded by canals and other water elements.

The garden is the perfect spot to admire the impressive environment.

The garden consists of two large parts: the hortus officinalis and the campus officinalis

Hortus officinalis kruidentuin Herkenrode

Hortus Officinalis

educational gardens

The Hortus Officinalis comprises twelve sections. You can walk from section to section through a long corrider. Every section has its own structure with walking paths covered with shell lime, gravel, nature stone, ... Water basins and fountains provide a general sense of peace and quiet.

Campus officinalis kruidentuin

Campus Officinales

working gardens

The second part of the garden comprises the Campus Officinalis, where the herbs have been grouped according to use: herbs for dye, vegetables, kitchen herbs, ...